How the Competition Works



Our panel of incredible judges will be narrowing down the competition over four rounds of eliminations from dozens of applicants to 32 contestants, 16 contestants, the Elite Eight, and the Final Four. During each round, the competitors will submit a new 1-2 minute video which the judges will rate using the following criteria: "Showmanship," "Confidence," and "Creativity." (You can view each of these submission videos on the contestants' pages.)

The Final Four, along with the Fan-Favorite, will be performing LIVE on March 6th for your vote to be crowned the champion of Ohio Valley Voices' Got Talent and the winner of $2,500!



You can guarantee that your favorite contestant makes it to the LIVE finale and has a chance to win $2,500 by making a donation to Ohio Valley Voices in their honor. Simply visit their contestant page and click the "Support" button. The contestant who has raised the most by February 24th (even if they were previously eliminated), will return to the LIVE finale to compete alongside the judges' Final Four picks.


Finale Voting

During the LIVE finale on March 6th, you - the fans at home - will decide who the winner is! After the judges' Final Four picks and the Fan-Favorite perform one last time, voting on this website will open for 15 minutes. You will have the opportunity to cast as many votes as you'd like for as many of the competitors as you like during that time frame. Votes are $20 each, or $100 for 10 votes, or $250 for 50 votes!

(Viewers may also receive a certain amount of free votes as part of one of our host packages.)



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